Minisforum Presented Two new Mini-PCs with powerful AMD APUs

Minisforum Presented Two new Mini-PCs: In the realm of compact computing, Minisforum has unveiled a duo of novel miniature PCs, constituting distinct model variants. Both the UM580D and the UM590D epitomize a design philosophy geared towards delivering formidable performance, rendering them eminently suitable for a diverse array of applications. This unveiling was orchestrated by Silvio Werner and expertly translated by Jacob Fisher, with the article making its debut on 01/21/2024 in the German language.

The compact stature of these Mini PCs belies their potential, as they are meticulously crafted to provide a level of performance that transcends the ordinary. The UM580D and UM590D, in particular, stand as testament to Minisforum’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of what miniature computing can achieve.

What is mini PC used for?

A miniature PC, often referred to as a mini PC, nettop, or Smart Micro PC, epitomizes a diminutive, cost-effective, energy-efficient desktop computing solution. Tailored for rudimentary tasks encompassing web browsing, utilizing web-based applications, document processing, and engaging in audio/video playback, these compact systems are engineered to meet the demands of everyday computing without unnecessary frills.

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Minisforum Presented Two new Mini-PCs,

The nomenclature “nettop” is a portmanteau crafted by merging “network” and “desktop,” signifying the symbiotic integration of connectivity and desktop computing capabilities. This terminology encapsulates the essence of these miniature PCs, emphasizing their adeptness in fostering a seamless connection to networks while maintaining a desktop form factor. In essence, these devices encapsulate the essence of streamlined computing, offering an economical, power-efficient solution for users focused on essential computing tasks.

What are the two types of mini computer?

The different types of Mini Computers are:
Types of Mini Computer Feature
Single-Board Computers (SBC) Small computers built-in on a single circuit. Example: Raspberry Pi
Microcomputers Designed for a single person. Example: Apple Mac Mini

Minisforum Presented Two new Mini-PCs  

Silvio Werner’s insights, presented in German and deftly translated by Jacob Fisher, serve as a testament to the global resonance of Minisforum’s technological advancements. The publication date of 01/21/2024 underscores the contemporary nature of this revelation, positioning the UM580D and UM590D as cutting-edge offerings in the realm of Mini PC innovation.

In the realm of AMD-infused computing, these miniature marvels promise not just compactness but a high-octane performance that caters to a broad spectrum of applications. Minisforum, through the UM580D and UM590D, continues to carve a niche in the landscape of miniaturized computing solutions.

Silvio Werner (translated by Jacob Fisher), Published  🇩🇪  Mini PC AMD

Minisforum Two new Mini-PCs with powerful AMD APUs

Embarking on an expedition into the domain of compact computing, Minisforum has propelled two fresh miniature PCs into the market fray. The UM580D and the UM590D, distinguished model variants, have currently unfurled their technological prowess exclusively within the bounds of China. However, extrapolating from historical trajectories, it appears probable that these models might subsequently grace the global market.

Presently, the UM580D and UM590D stand as exclusive offerings within the technological landscape of China, where their capabilities are being showcased to a discerning audience. The decision to initially debut these miniature marvels in the Chinese market underscores a strategic approach by Minisforum, perhaps indicative of a meticulous market penetration strategy.

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Yet, the narrative hints at a broader horizon. Drawing from past precedent, where Minisforum has demonstrated a penchant for extending the reach of its innovations beyond national borders, it is conceivable that the UM580D and UM590D might soon transcend their current geographical confines.

This foresight, grounded in historical patterns, suggests that the allure of these mini PCs may not remain confined to China alone. If history is any guide, Minisforum’s foray into the global market could be on the horizon, where the UM580D and UM590D might captivate audiences beyond the borders of their initial launch. The global stage, it seems, might become the next arena for these compact computing marvels to make their mark.

Presented Two new Mini-PCs

In the realm of diminutive computing, the two novel PC systems may be compact in stature, yet they harbor a commitment to delivering robust computational prowess. Powering these technological marvels are the formidable AMD Ryzen 7 5800H and AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX processors, both wielding the might of Accelerated Processing Units (APUs). This implies that these miniature PCs not only excel in handling routine office tasks but also boast the capability to navigate the realms of video gaming and the intricate domains of photo and video editing.

The thermal management infrastructure comprises a dual-heat pipe configuration, complemented by a fan sporting 120 fins for effective heat dissipation. The amalgamation of these elements underscores a meticulous approach to maintaining optimal operating temperatures, a crucial facet for sustaining high-performance computing.

Delving into the nuances that distinguish the UM580D from its counterpart, the UM590D, extends beyond the computing chip. The latter, the UM590D, flaunts an additional HDMI 2.1 port, accentuating its multimedia capabilities. Regardless of the model variant, the inclusion of an HDMI port is a consistent feature, underscoring the commitment to versatile connectivity. Multiple USB ports augment the connectivity repertoire, providing users with diverse options for peripheral integration. Additionally, an Ethernet port is integral to both variants, with the promise of high data transfer rates reaching up to 2.5 GBit/s, positioning these mini PCs as adept contenders for data-intensive tasks and seamless networking experiences.

Within the Chinese market, the UM580D beckons prospective users with a price tag of $230, while its counterpart, the UM590D, commands a slightly higher equivalent of approximately $250. This positioning in the pricing spectrum reflects Minisforum’s commitment to offering a range of options catering to diverse preferences and budget considerations.


Are mini PC good for gaming?

Presenting a selection of top-tier mini PCs tailored for gaming enthusiasts in 2024. One standout in this category is the Intel NUC 12 Extreme Mini PC. This diminutive powerhouse is equipped with the formidable Intel Core i9-12900 processor, ensuring a robust computing performance. Adding to its gaming prowess is the inclusion of an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti graphics card, delivering an immersive visual experience.

A noteworthy feature of this mini PC lies in its substantial memory capacity, boasting an impressive 64GB of RAM. This generous RAM allocation enhances multitasking capabilities, making it adept not only for gaming but also for handling demanding computational tasks seamlessly.

Further elevating its capabilities is the inclusion of a capacious 2TB NVMe SSD. This high-speed storage solution not only caters to swift data access but also contributes to minimizing loading times, rendering the Intel NUC 12 Extreme ideal for an enhanced gaming experience and tackling resource-intensive applications.

In essence, the Intel NUC 12 Extreme Mini PC stands out as an exemplary choice, amalgamating cutting-edge hardware components to provide gaming aficionados with a compact yet potent gaming solution in the year 2024.

Can a mini PC run GTA?

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) imposes considerable system demands, necessitating robust specifications, particularly in terms of CPU, RAM, and graphics card capabilities. Although the HP EliteDesk 800 G2 Mini PC aligns with the minimum system requirements for the game, it may encounter challenges in delivering a seamless gaming experience when pushed to operate at higher graphical settings. The intricate demands of GTA V, especially in terms of graphics processing and overall system performance, may pose a hurdle for the HP EliteDesk 800 G2 Mini PC when striving for optimal gameplay on elevated graphical configurations.

Are mini PCs good for gaming?

In the realm of gaming-oriented mini PCs for 2023, the Intel NUC 12 Extreme Mini PC stands out as a powerhouse. Boasting an Intel Core i9-12900 processor and an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti graphics card, this compact marvel is equipped to deliver a high-performance gaming experience. With a substantial 64GB of RAM and a capacious 2TB NVMe SSD, it not only excels in gaming but also proves itself capable of handling demanding tasks with ease. The Intel NUC 12 Extreme Mini PC emerges as a top-tier choice, combining cutting-edge components to offer a compact yet formidable gaming solution.

The Best Mini PC for Gaming-

When it comes to the optimal mini PC for gaming, consider the following recommendations:

Intel NUC 12 Enthusiast:

  • Best Overall Mini PC for Gaming,
  • An ideal choice for an all-encompassing gaming experience.


  • Best-Performance Mini PC for Gaming
  • If you seek unparalleled gaming performance, this is the mini PC for you.

MINISFORUM Venus Series UM773:

  • Budget Mini PC for Gaming
  • A cost-effective option without compromising on gaming capabilities.

Steam Deck OLED:

  • Handheld Mini PC for Gaming
  • Opt for this if you prefer gaming on the go with a handheld device.

Asus ROG Ally Z1 Extreme:

  • Windows-Capable Handheld Mini PC for Gaming
  • Tailored for those who desire a handheld gaming experience with the versatility of Windows compatibility.

Select the mini PC that aligns with your gaming preferences and requirements for an immersive and enjoyable gaming setup.

Last Word of Minisforum Two new Mini-PCs-

Minisforum Presented Two new Mini-PCs: The configurability of these mini PCs extends beyond the monetary dimension. Users have the flexibility to opt for the traditional setup with a designated stand, fostering a desktop environment conducive to efficient workflow. Alternatively, the systems can be seamlessly mounted on the rear side of a monitor through VESA compatibility. This dual setup capability ensures that users can tailor their computing experience to align with both spatial constraints and ergonomic preferences. The versatility in deployment options amplifies the appeal of these compact computing solutions, accommodating various user preferences and spatial configurations.

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